Becoming a champion is never easy, otherwise everyone would be doing it. 2017 is here, and so is post 5 on the topic of becoming a champion at whatever it is you desire! Another push in a positive direction towards achieving those dreams of yours!

If it’s been a while since you read Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4. Why not have a quick flick back through them before reading this, to refresh your mind of the steps you need to take.

The way you perceive life is all perspective. We at League Collective strongly believe the power of thought and intention shapes your day, and the attitude with which you meet every situation creates your inward and outward reality…

Which takes us to the next section:


A great way to ‘do’ persistence – or achieve any great feat in life – is with enthusiasm.

Watch any successful person, and it’s almost guaranteed they manage to find the beauty or a positive in every situation they come across. A disaster happens, they see it as an opportunity, an order gets delayed, and they seize the chance to better their business strategy with all the extra time they now have. Enthusiasts are often opportunists.

Enthusiasm is how you hold life’s possibilities, and it is definitely a contagious feeling. We tend to be drawn to those around us who leak enthusiasm, like an expansive cloud of positivity.

When you become enthusiastic, you ignite a flame and you become truly alive. Every moment has a positive side to it, no matter how disastrous it might be.

So what if you don’t feel enthusiastic? Act enthusiastic anyway! This is the part that sets you higher than the rest. When you hold enthusiasm as a possibility in your mind, that feeling will eventually have to show up in reality, because the proving part of your mind MUST obey.


What really is time? Who invented it, and who is actually timing you other than yourself? Goals and time frames help us here and staying true to our word helps us stick to them…with a little persistence. However time really isn’t everything. If we allow time to rule our lives it can cause a lot of un-needed stress, assuming that we compare how fast we are moving on our journey to other people’s entirely different stories. No one except you should decide how long it takes to get to your end goal, so give yourself the time, prioritise your dreams, and make it enjoyable!

We have to take responsibility for the gift of time, and by that, we mean; be present, because the present moment is all we will ever have. And if you’re not present, you’ll never have it.

What is difference between right now and tomorrow? Tomorrow you may not have a shot at the chance you didn’t take today, because you’re mind or emotions told you you weren’t ready, or good enough… Action is key.

Do the thing, and then you will learn from your mistakes as well as your successes! When you hesitate, it brings you back to being tentative, and you have no power. Do the things that scare you before your emotions know what is going on or have time to stop you.

There is a lot of information in the last 4 Mind Motivation posts, which hold many important mental tools. If executed well on a regular basis, they could be the game changer in your journey to success, in whatever form you may find it.

To be a great achiever at whatever it is we decide to do, we need to:

  • Plan. Set goals, time frames, intentions, inspire that burning desire, and realise that with it comes all the feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, worry, etc. We also need to accept all of these emotions as OK.
  • Take action: do the thing you said you were going to do, be true to your word, stay committed. Remember that the present moment is all you have.
  • And Persist: When it gets tough, you have to keep going. Be enthusiastic! Remember why you are doing it all, re-read your goals and intentions, daily!

Time is a man made idea. So long as you know you are moving in the right direction, and prioritising the most important things, then you are on the right track. Keep taking even tiny steps forward.

So, follow these steps, make it a practice, make your mind believe it is possible, and we will see you this new year achieving your craziest dreams. It’s time to take action!

Our Time Is Now.

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