Becoming a champion is never easy, otherwise everyone would be doing it. 2017 has finally arrived, and we are here with post number 4 to give incentives to start your year right. Another push in a positive direction towards achieving those dreams of yours!

At League Collective, we aim to inspire you to push forward with a sense of support, knowing that what you’re doing is right, instead of feeling motivated one day and unsure the next. This is a brief, concise and ordered library of thought to look back on whenever you’re feeling a little subdued. To re-motivate you, instead of curling up in a ball in bed deciding it is too cold to get up, let alone start working on that amazing outlandish and far fetched dream…

If it’s been a while since you read Parts 1, 2 and 3. Why not have a quick flick back through them before reading this, to refresh your mind of the steps you need to take.

January is here! And what comes with January? Resolutions! And most likely, resolutions we barely keep past February. So we might as well nip that bad habit in the butt and begin with a little thing called commitment…


By setting emotionally charged goals, backing them with ‘white hot’ desire, surrendering to your purpose and working on your self talk, to achieve those dreams and generally be a whole lot of awesome.

When we feel motivated it is very easy to keep all these dreams in mind. We set a focus in a positive mood, we’re all fired up, and seem pretty committed. Will we keep our word though?

“Commitment, is doing the thing you said you were going to do, long after the emotion you said it in has left you.”

That, is keeping your word.

Read it again…and slowly!

A huge downfall with commitment happens because these dreams and goals are completely up to us to achieve. No one else is relying on us, there is no deadline, no timeframe, and no serious issue if we don’t achieve our goal….. and it is incredibly easy to let ourselves down, why? Because doing nothing is easier than trying to follow that crazy vision you have! If we actually did everything we said we were going to do, we would literally astound ourselves.

We stay committed to our dreams, our goals and our word – fearlessly – until we’re ‘too tired’, ‘there was a family issue’, we ‘got injured’, ‘someone else will do a better job’, ‘there’s not enough time…’ And so on. All the self defeating thoughts, excuses and emotions get stuck in the way of that dream. Part of you has to say ‘I don’t care how I feel about it’, why? Because you are not your emotions!

Step one. Remember that ‘WHITE HOT” desire you had for your dream as if it were your life purpose?

Bring it back.

When you speak the truth to yourself by staying committed, no matter what emotion pops up to stop you, you begin to experience your true self. You are pushing through the emotions and layers of self-deprecating thoughts about yourself – blasting them off into space as you plow forward.

We were all born capable of achieving whatever we want to do. And it is up to us to make it happen.

Honesty towards oneself is a great place to move forward from. Even if you don’t know what direction you are heading in, commitment is where you then gain the knowledge and insight to carry on in the right direction. As Emerson said “Do the thing and you shall have power”.

When you stay true to your own word, or keep those commitments, people become inspired by you. Ever noticed how everyone is drawn to people who are up to something? When you have those friends who are achieving incredible things, we are interested in it because it is inspiring to watch, sparks intrigue or even jealousy. Equally it might seem a little out of character for them, because they are not listening to those emotions, thoughts, or people that are telling them that they ‘can’t do it’.

Another great plus when you meet your own truths, is that people can see you are a trustworthy, reliable person, which makes them want to work with you. They know that you can meet deadlines, rely on you to achieve great feats in work, and any aspect of your life, which will draw like minded people to you!

State your desire, then keep your word. The only power we ever have in life is our word, and commitment is keeping it.

Commitment tips:

  • Tell someone – a close friend, or relative or role model – about your dream and when you hope to achieve it by. That way you will have someone else relying on you to succeed!
  • Set your goal as an ultimate truth in your mind. A non-budging, hard wired truth, that you solely believe must happen. Turn it into one of your morals that you live by if you like! That way you MUST stay committed. Not many people change their religious beliefs over night, so why would you deviate from this either?


Let’s start by re evaluating what the word ‘persistence’ actually means…

To start with; persistence is not struggle or effort, however, it is very much tied to your initial desire and commitment.

Do you view the word ‘persistence’ and immediately imagine an up hill struggle? A battle against never ending workload or an abundance of guessing and confusion? Maybe it’s time to change your view.

‘Persistence is as easy as you decide to make it.’ Read it again…

Moving back to how your brain works: If you think that persisting with your goal means a lot of effort and hard work, then your prover, has to prove your thinker right, and BAM, whatever you’re trying to do becomes an uphill struggle…if you let it. Persistence can be the best part, if you make it.

Persistence is the journey to the end goal, dream or desire that you are striving for.

Bring into your beautiful mind what you will do to make the journey enjoyable. If it isn’t enjoyable, is your dream actually worth the time? Most dreams tend to be a constant journey of some sort. The goal once achieved however, only ever lasts a matter of moments or hours; “I published my first book!” “I came first in my race!”… So, no matter what you are trying to achieve, it might be good to weigh up whether you can make that persistence of mind power and action enjoyable.

Commitment and persistence come hand in hand in the sense that you need to stay committed to the persistence of action that will drive that golden idea forward!

Persistence is a mixture of emotion and action that is going to drive you through all the fog to the clear blue skies of success. Persistence is that tiny step forward, mentally or physically, every day no matter how big or small, that keeps those wheels turning! It is the reinforcement of habit, emotion, action and belief that what you are working on is most definitely achievable.

‘tatra sthitau yatnah abhyasa’ – Continuos practice demands effort. Patanjali’s Sutra’s clearly states; in the art aspiring to achieve, whether it be the the journey towards ‘Samadhi’ (enlightenment) or whether it be becoming a pro surfer… If you can commit to that practice, persist until it is achieved, then you will receive the rewards. Everything is a journey, and the more combined knowledge you have to pull you through that journey in a swift and comfortable way, the more enjoyable and achievable it will be.

Persistence perspective: It is the thing that, no matter what shape or form your dream is taking, and no matter how slow you go… If you have it, it will be a goal that makes it past February!

Next week we will be helping you persist with enthusiasm and evaluating the real meaning of time… Stay tuned for the next post!

Our time is now.

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Photography by: Eva Paul