League Collective is here to help support you through the party season, with some added tips to keep you on top of those hangovers, and less stressed about, well, Christmas all together.

So we’re here with tip 2, and 3 for keeping you calm through Christmas!!

Tip 2:

Book something fun for January.

If you think “January is gunna be a push!”, it probably will be.

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves in January with our new years resolutions and everything is supposed to turn out. However after spending an entire month boozing and overeating in the hope for a beautiful new year, the dots don’t seem to quite match up.

So! Like in our other post on “The profile of a Champion”, we wrote a section on Surrendering to purpose, understanding that, ‘with every great feat in life worthwhile, comes large obstacles… ‘

If you intend to get messy all December followed by a sprightly clean and inconsequential January, where do you really intend on putting in space for the obstacles? Those being, the knock on effect of treating yourself like an excess food disposal unit.

And lets face it, setting a new years schedule for January involving every night of the week being spent in the gym isn’t exactly going to make you leap out of bed in the morning.

This is why we suggest, book something fun instead!

A weekend trip away? Starting a new hobby like; cycling, rock climbing, dance class, football, a spa day with friends, some winter sun, learning a new language, you name it

That way, you have something to look forward to after such a high, so the aftermath of Christmas leaving the streets laden with trees doesn’t make you feel as though life is over.

Tip 3:

Clear your debts.

Clear the debts, sort out your bills, get rid of any friends you don’t like (slightly joking) and basically, clear out before Christmas!

Building up to Christmas can be stressful. With so much to prepare for and little time to do it, yet surrounded by so much excitement it is very easy to forget about all the boring important stuff.

If you manage to organise all the boring stuff now… Trust us, January will be a lot smoother. You can even book all those fun things you’re going to do in January in advance, so you aren’t out of pocket when the time comes to make that leap of adventure you were hoping for. Plan now, Enjoy later.

Thank you for reading. We hope this is a helpful guide through Christmas! We will be posting tip 4 and 5 tomorrow morning, so keep your eyes peeled. Why not subscribe to our website by writing in the box on the left so you don’t miss the next step?

Photo 1 by: Eva Pawl
Photo 2 by: Lucia Love