With Hotpod Yoga and Wholesomely Social.

Although League Collective Launched last year, we have seen plenty a set back which has caused us to positively forge our way forward in a way we could never have hoped for.

Being stubborn and vigilant in creating something different from the crowd is what drives us to keep going.

To pursue your dreams is never easy, yet when you have an intention to achieve much greater than your own, like caring for our environment as your driving force… no matter how long it takes, you can always keep on going!

So… on the 14th of October, we saw our first big launch event to celebrate the creation of our first Limited Edition Recycled hoodies, made in the UK, hosted by Wholesomely Social.

The evening commenced with a Hotpod Yoga class, led by founder Lilly Richardson who also teaches full time, followed by a passionately driven panel discussion held by Karis Scarlette, Sophie Grace Holmes, Anna Louise, and Lilly Richardson on health, motivation and following your dreams

For anyone set on forging their way forward in what they love, or being motivated beyond belief, this discussion could not have delivered anymore.

Karis, Sophie, Anna Louise and Lilly all spoke about some of their greatest challenges that they have faced in their life, and how they have managed to turn a situation from bad into the making of them.

From Karis breaking her back through repetitive strain injury and turning it into a now continuous and vibrant career in teaching ballet to people from all walks of life in an intense yet safe environment

And Sophie being diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and being told she doesn’t have long to live, which on the contrary has given her the motivation to succeed and achieve more great feats that many will achieve in a lifetime. She has also exceeded her life expectancy, showing everyone just how important mindset, determination, and self-care is.


For Anna Louise, the road has been long and she has never stopped. Whilst uncommonly for her age, being diagnosed with Osteoporosis, this once marathon runner is now taking on Ultra marathons wherever she can.

Regardless of the fact that having brittle bones can greatly affect her long-distance running ability, Anna Louise has not let it show, and as equally used her great diet and healthy lifestyle to continue challenge after challenge she puts in front of herself.

We have never sat around a table in such an intimate environment and achieved such motivation for life in one sitting.

With such a great evening with some amazing sponsors listed below, we will be sure to have another event right around the corner.

For more information about the event, our sponsor’s speakers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

[email protected]

Sponsors: Drink Maple, WildFizz Kombucha, Hippeas, BySarah London, Snow Grenades, The Primal Pantry, League Collective.


Photography by: Lucia Garcia