To achieve extraordinary results, you have to invest great strength. This is true in everything, from sports to your career. Your decisions reflect this commitment… and that includes your choice of clothing

League Collective creates multipurpose, sustainable, high-tech sportswear for women. Our passions is the development of highly functional, strong and durable garments through processes that have minimal impact on landfills and the wider environment.

All our clothes are made in the UK using 100% Recycled fabrics wherever possible. We believe we have designed the most sustainable yet functional garments on the market!

Improvements in technology mean that the creation of high-tech fabrics does not have to harm the environment, but rather can supports it.


Let the clothes you wear support the effort you invest in every part of your day.


Our Time Is Now.

Lilly Richardson is the designer and founder of League Collective.

Venturing from the rural fields of North Yorkshire, Lilly decided to embark upon a new path following her passion for design in a direction that found its way towards London.

Lilly began working for the likes of Edwina Ibbotson, Amanda Wakeley, Antonia-Pugh-Thomas, and Bella Howard, where she cultivated the skills of dress making and millinery. In addition to this she worked through fashion week, plus assistant styling on music videos. Whilst working freelance on the side and designing made-to-measure dresses, Lilly also began training as a Yoga teacher.

Beginning her journey in Kuala Lumper, Malaysia and following a humanitarian cause in setting up a Yoga Shala after 200 hours of training in Tbilisi, Georgia. She is now combining the two with her knowledge of mental and physical health mixed with her deep routed passion for design, League Collective has been born to create a durable, sustainable women’s Health and fitness Eco-fashion brand.

Clockwise from left: White corseting, red dress and rabbit fur hat, plus skin-tone floorlength dress all designed and hand made by Lilly



Like the durability and multipurpose functionalities of our garments, we believe community goes a long way in building the blocks of our future in the direction we desire.

Our first event in September took off in the form of a Yoga HIIT fusion class bringing clarity of mind, strength through breath and fired up fitness to the scene.

Our next Event sees the launch of our First Edition Hoodies. Grab your ticket here!

‘Combing great things together, to create something even fitter, faster, better stronger.’

As well as building a sense of community and space for friendships to grow, we aim to inspire people to keep pushing forwards with their dreams.
with the League Collective BLOG, featuring posts on:

You can grab your daily dose of motivation from other ladies in the game, or tune into some inspiration to keep that mind focused.

Above: Our next upcoming Event – Wakeboarding, Mental health awareness, Yoga, LIVE Music and Hoodies. Time to grab your ticket!

Below: Contemporary and Contemporary Ballet Dancer Angeliki Theodorou for League Collective.