When you get deep into the science of how our subconscious and cognitive mind works, it can get pretty complicated, yet one thing that needs addressing often, is our upper limit problem…. Or in other words, our current level of resistance.

Our bodies and minds can only take on so much… so much of everything – and that includes positive things too – until we reach bursting/ exploding/ boiling point. At that point we tend to break down, get ill, fall out with someone, the list goes on.

Why does this have to happen? You might ask…Why can’t we just always be happy?

No matter how strong, invincible and determined we are, or how much we’re already championing life in some areas, something always pulls us back.

This is partly to do with our subconcsious ‘self worth setting’… In other words, what we subconscioulsy believe we are worthy of.

‘I’m gunna run 2 marathons in 4 weeks!’ your concsious mind says.

– ‘Oh no you’re not’ replies your subconcsious mind, unbeknownst to you and mere miliseconds after you say it.

‘You’re too un fit, your were a rubbish runner in school, everyone beat you, you’re not good enough to do that’… finally finishing with ‘You are not allowed to feel that good or be that epic at life.’

This deep set mental pattern effects us in so many different ways that we are completely un aware of. Whether it’s a feeling of overwhelm just as everything is falling into place; or if when you’re just about to take on your greatest physical challenge ever and two weeks before you injure yourself…

Subconscious self sabotage.

So how do we fix this problem?! Can we overcome this limiting pattern?

Whatever it might be, we can over come it. However, like everything worth achieving, it takes practice and sustained effort.

There are a few ways to combat them, and the most exciting part of it all is how aware you will become of your self, and the inner workings of your mind along the way…

Step one

Look back over the past few years and pinpoint all those times you have done something incredibly well.  Get a pen if you like – write them down! What other stuff was going on around that time? Write those things down too and see what you find:

Did you get a new job or promotion and suddenly your relationship broke down?

Or launch your own business and become physically ill?

Sometimes they are minor, but bringing our awareness to our patterns in the past can light the way for the future…

Our mind is a tool, and when we actually put the time in to fine tune it, we begin to see results and can use it to our full potential. Why would you get the new iPhone 7+ and use it only to text and call? There are no limits to what that phone can do, and if there are, dont worry, Apple is working on an upgrade already.

The same applies to that brain of yours, except you dont need a billion pounds worth of geniuses, computer software and technicians to fix the bugs, Just a little effort from the one and only…YOU.

Step two

Find new ways of approaching what you are doing, or find new things to do all together!

Take extreme sports for example;

Someone puts you on a wakeboard, and tells you to jump wake to wake behind a speedboat going 25mph….

You do it because, well, the aim of doing a sport is to try something new… knowing full well that you have 50% chance of failing what you’re about to attempt… yet you do it anyway. Why? Because there is no real risk involved, you do it for fun, and someone has previously taken the health and safety precautions into consideration for you.

When working on a new vision, goal, or career path, we tend to forget this 50% chance of failure as a normal possibilty in the journey we’re about to take. In our minds we build up this idea that this 50% chance of splashing face first into the water and being slightly winded… in real life circumstances means actual death. And BAM. The fun factor has been sucked out of your new work related vision. So what do we do?

We just dont bother… It’s too dangerous of course. Making that phone call or sending that email to the person who has a 50% chance of rejecting your offer, whatever it might be – means the phone will blow up in your hand and you will immediately be shunned as a failure, left with half your ear hanging off.

Or not…

Just because someone hasn’t yet taken the health and safety precautions for you on your next journey. Ask yourself. What really is the worst that could happen?

Potential rejection?

Not really worthy of 50% is it..? Nope. Give it a go.

Step three

Find the solution. Because thoughts become things as we express them into words, and we have already played a thought in our minds over 200,000 times before it comes out of our mouths, you can see how cognitive patterns, wanted or not, are so easily set in motion.

This is why something as simple as a phrase, backed up with a feeling or ‘Mantra’ – if you wanna get all spiritual about it, can make a world of difference. Literally.

So, when that thing is going right – and even when it feels like it isn’t – a good mantra to start saying to yourself, over and over again, until it becomes a habit might be something along the lines of; “everything is always working out for me”, or “I am allowed to feel this good”

Tell your body and your mind that you really do deserve what you’re working towards.

It’s not easy. Sometimes you get stuck right in the dump before someone from the outside pulls you out and tells you to stop whining and look at the bigger picture.

“You got yourself in this mess… So its up to you to get out” is what they’re thinking and probably won’t say… So why not say it to yourself?

No matter how much we try and blame incidents, fall outs, and natural disasters on other people… If it’s to do with us, or effecting us, we might as well assume we are the number 1 person involved.

If it’s new waters you’re swimming through or a new experience you are endeavouring upon, it will be your human instinct to stop, fall off, and generally freak out. Your mind is only trying to protect you. Its like putting a cat in water. Its instinct is to jump out as fast as it can because it knows somewhere deep down that its great great great great great grandad couldn’t swim, so neither can he…. right?

We can have all the knowledge in the world stored, yet, if we can’t apply it, we won’t move forward much. Training our brains with repetition is a brilliant and simplistic way of creating a new outlook on life and an internal and external change.

Bringing awareness to this, and talking to your subconscious mind with new programs is where you will begin seeing a change. You will start arriving at these new destinations you have been working towards, whether it be in love, work, or a new skill… Without a limb missing, an un fixable debt, or a broken down relationship.

Just remember, it takes practice, and you need to keep reminding yourself that ‘You ARE allowed to feel this good!’

Our time is Now.

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