Is Change is as Good as a Rest?

Whilst reading a recent book, it sparked the thought that travel – the movement of a train beneath your seat, the wind in your hair on a bicycle, or the patting of feet on the ground as you run can be as soothing and soul reconstructing as a rest. Although taking a 10 minute break every hour from your laptop can keep you partially sane in the short term… We believe escaping all together is key.

An incredible amount of scientific research has gone into discovering what Yogi’s and alternative healers alike have known for centuries, and finally, figures are being published, voices are being heard, and mindfulness practices in the workplace are balancing out the workload in some of the biggest firms in the city.

Not much discussion however, has gone into escaping the city entirely and this thought we may need to address, to alert people of on a larger scale.

Before you go into full turmoil, screaming breakdown with alert signals of your friends telling you you need should get professional help.. Schedule yourself in a proper escape.

Holidays are majorly underrated, and we don’t just mean a day off. We mean get the hell out of the city! Get out of work mode. Hide your phone and laptop or go somewhere with no Wifi or phone signal all together.

When you change your scenery, your mind gets a rest from what it is used to. And if it’s used to plugging away at the same thing and feeling like you’re getting nowhere, a change of pattern can be the best thing you can do.

League Collective founder, Lilly Richardson recently took a break to the Mediterranean where she not only rested, but put the clothes through a new transformational test as they were introduced to Balearic salt water, and put her body through physical rehab.

The key elements being: Sleep, fresh food, exercise, sun, and supportive clothing to make it enjoyable!

Without these elements re-installed in our life, it can sometimes be easy to forget what life is all about.

As this craze of ‘laptop lifestyle’ and statistics of 45% of all Americans working from home in the coming years, it is exciting to see the rat-race might be taking a step down, and people are beginning to live more in the moment, with the realisation that if your working life is estimated to take up 60% of our lives, we may as well make it enjoyable.

Lilly Left her own message about why she does what she does, and why escaping for her is so important:

“I am not a size 0, I don’t have perfect skin, and although it may look it, my life is not plain sailing… it is also incredibly easy to focus on all the things that are not quite right in my life as I strive to make my dream come true…

“Every day life itself is a reminder that this is a journey, and everything is constantly changing and evolving. And throughout that process, we get to decide what we focus on.

I am strong, I am determined, I am focused, and I believe in what I am creating. Every stage of this journey so far has felt like one step forward, ten steps back, yet times like these, when I am able to actually catch a break, are a brilliant reminder to be grateful for how far I have come, the people around me who support me, plus that chance to recharge your batteries, and reconnect with your inner strength.

Any great feat in life is achieved by your intention being empowered with energy that you generate. For me, that energy is physical. The more I move, the more I breathe. The more I breathe, the more oxygen I have flowing through my body, thus creating energy through movement. To create clothing that supports what we as humans are designed to create is an honour. And I will continue to create and test, create and test my designs until they become what I hope for.

“I am designing something that I believe in. Something that supports everyday athletes as they also take on great feats in life and live to their fullest, whether it be a run, swim, cycle, triathlon or a business venture…

Our time is Now…. Every single second. And I choose to live and breathe what I am creating. Will you?”

We hope you take heed in our love of escapism, exploration, and find inspiration from the beautiful backdrop of Balearic blues and stunning sunsets enough to realise your calling away from the concrete jungle and constant noise.

Take the chance, treat yourself, because it is so important.

Our time is now.

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