It’s not often we cover stories that follow male endeavours, mainly because we only currently create women’s sportswear, so telling you all about the brilliant sportsmen out there doesn’t quite reach our demographic….

This story however, through creativity and collaboration, has been brought closer to our hearts. From some of the masterminds behind our most enticing League Collective videos to date, it would be wrong not to share this incredible challenge that Charlie, Will, Theo and Will have set out to achieve.

Charlie Rose, a Film director at Stink Studios. Will Johnson, with studies on African politics and development and an extensive background in Boris biking. Theo Bromfield with four years of extreme yacht racing, and Will Addison with two and half years in Officer Training Corps at Edinburgh uni, plus an IRON Man under his belt, are well on their journey from Johannesburg to Nairobi on bicycles.

Yes, bicycles.

4 cyclists, 8,000 km, 1 ranger welfare organisation, 1 feature length documentary being made along the way, 0 support vehicles.

The boys have taken on an incredible feat, in aid of raising money for a much needed cause. They have partnered with ‘For Rangers’, an organisation dedicated to supporting and improving ranger welfare across Africa who specialise in making small donations in the most critical areas.

The trade in illegal wildlife products is estimated to be worth over $17 billion a year.

With over 1000 rhino killed each year, the situation is even more dire for elephants, with some estimates suggesting that 100 elephant a day are being killed across Africa.

It is estimated that by 2026 there will be no rhino left in the wild. The decimation of elephants is continent wide and we are also facing extinction of this species within a generation.

Protecting Africa’s wildlife has become one of the most dangerous livelihoods on the planet. Two rangers die a week worldwide (International Rangers Federation) and they feel this is a story that needs to be told.

It takes guts to even believe something like this is possible, yet there is certainly something incredibly endearing about the courage and passion that keeps pushing them forward. From reading their blog posts they write a long way – sleeping in tents most nights and being woken from the sound of nervous hippos, to fighting off baboons – it’s a miracle they are still alive.

Taking on 100km stretches of road in 4 hours to avoid being bushmeat before reaching a new pit stop for food, to bordering on insanity and not being able to cycle through the night puts limitations on this chosen mode of transport. There is continuous mental and physical strain. So why do it? Charlie Rose explains:

“There are very few, if any, experiences that I can compare to the feeling of vulnerability and exhilaration of cycling through a game reserve. Two hundred and fifty kilometres of uninhabited land, ruled by lion, elephants and buffalo, through which one would normally pass with the protection of a large Land Rover, or for the few brave cattle herders a large calibre rifle.”

From living on peanut butter Jelly as rations run low, to finding solace in the most simple of things (like a bed to sleep in!) and racing the sunlight as they cycle past lions and run for their lives away from bull elephants, one can only imagine what they are going through.

To fully experience life on the edge, and to put themselves in the shoes of the Park Rangers and the dangers they are facing daily, is one mighty achievement.

The boys explain the benefits of using a bicycle as mode of transport for the endeavour across Africa:

1. Bicycles are the most widely used form of transport in Africa.

2. Bicycles are the most efficient form of human transport ever developed (WorldWatch Institute). This represents our philosophy and what we want to achieve.

3. Bicycles are a social leveler; everything you have is on your person which demonstrates trust and vulnerability.

4. You meet people and experience places that would pass you by unnoticed in a car. The opportunity to connect with the people and places we pass through will be a great privilege.

5. The challenge. We want to push ourselves to the limit for a cause we believe in.

These 4 nut cases have started something incredible, and as they take on the next leg, through Zambia to Malawi, we shall continue to follow them on their treacherous journey.

If ever you feel stuck in London life or want to escape the restraints of your desk job, even for few minutes, head to their blog and engross yourself in the readings of their day to day experiences. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the out-back.

(Above from Left: Theo Bromfield, Will Addison, Charlie Rose and Will Johnson)

It is an honour to share even a brief description of their story, We hope you explore more about this amazing project. Head to their website where you can find an array of information, as well as Donate toward this vital cause.

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