The power within you is as powerful as the universe that surrounds it.

At League Collective, we aspire to bring it out of you in the best form possible.

The reason so many fail at their dreams and never achieve those desires is because they feel incapable. This is largely due to the people we spend most of our time with, the environment we are surrounded by and the food we eat. They all seem like fairly basic factors of life that you wouldn’t assume make a large difference to being the person you want to be.

Secondly. This is not to say that you are stuck this way because of all these things. We believe in change, like the rolling of the tide, the cycles of the moon. It cannot be faltered; change is a force of nature in itself. Everything runs it course… If it didn’t, we wouldn’t have the chance to begin again, and again, and again. With an idea comes a chance to make a change and get the wheels turning in the direction we intend to travel.

Our current situation is not our final destination. And with that we give you the opportunity to open up into your full potential. The barriers, bonds, and obstacles of life are there to help you grow.

If you feel the support for what you want to achieve isn’t yet here, hasn’t yet arrived, or feels out of your grasp, never fear! Remember, the power is within you.

As soon as you recognise that innate power within yourself. The change has already begun. This power is a constant changing process that never ceases. You however, decide the speed, the pace, the direction and smoothness of your ride. Who will you carry with you? Remember, you are the vehicle, not the road.

So with that in mind… Realising that all you ever need is within yourself, how will you begin? What makes you feel good? And no, we don’t mean temporarily.

What can you do, physically that you know will make you feel better, more alive – get those endorphins pumping until you feel unstoppable?
Get out there, run, jump, sing, dance, play, cycle, swim, feel. Find your physical force and become so engulfed in that feeling until your mind is still.

Once still, focused, and calm… That power will come through, filter through the eyelids, filter through the sweat, and reach you. Reach out.

Connect yourself back to the universe that you are part of! Realise that there is no gap between you or your goal, dream, intention, unless you see these walls, bonds and obstacles as something other than part of your journey.

Replenish yourself with good food, reconnect to that physical power you have within you. And then from that point of nourished power and strength, those amazing ideas and dreams you have become so much more positive and oh so much more achievable.

If everyone could do what you wanted to do, would you want to do it? And why would you if it was that easy?

At league collective we intend to inspire you to achieve great feats in life. Be the best you can be and by all means, daily, challenge yourself. In whatever form that might be. If it doesn’t scare you a little is it really worth your time?

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Model: Katy Simpson
Photography: Eva Pawl