On Monday we headed to Braga, Portugal, to visit the team who have been helping us create exactly what we want. And trust me, we have been very fussy. It has a been over a year and a half since first contacting the company, and 3 more month since finally establishing what it is we were after, that they found the perfect factory to work with us.

The Factory is a family run business, who don’t do mass quantity productions, but rather hold quality and the core of everything they do. They specialise in high quality swimwear and fitness apparel, making their collaboration with our multipurpose items a perfect match.

It was a delight to meet them and discuss our designs in person so that we can both put a face to a name as apposed to some far off ‘buyer’ or ‘manufacturer’ title, where many ideas and creativity get lost in translation.

As production lines run, and fashion week after fashion week cause surges of demand across Europe and Portugal now more than ever, it can be hard to get your ideas made into something more than… well, just ideas.

To ensure everything goes smoothly over our Indiegogo Campaign period – where we have people already investing in our prototypes – and to show you exactly the steps we are taking to meet our own goals and desires with our products, let a lone yours! – we will be travelling to the factory as much as we can to keep everything on track. Here’s what went down on Monday and Tuesday…

Take a look at our video to see how it went!: