When you combine things they become strong. They last longer and over time, gain sentimental value.

When you create a friendship, you have people to rely on. And when friendships become community… that’s when things begin to change.

We aim to inspire, create, and involve our customers. Help them understand, that together, we are the process that shapes and creates our surrounding environment and the world we rely on, yet so often take for granted.

League Collective’s Free HIIT Yoga Fusion Classes, Clapham Common. London.

We create sportswear garments with a longer life span; through specialised fabric and stitching technology, our clothes are made to be functional, multipurpose and durable, with fabric that can cross the board through different conditions whether it be swimming, running, yoga or cycling – giving the clothes a lasting effect over time, creating the opposite effect of a ‘fast fashion’ item and ultimately less landfill.

The main features of our designs incorporate three key properties:


The clothes have a much longer life-span than the average pair of leggings due to high-tech fabric properties and stitching technology


League Collective garments are supportive, stylish, and designed with the contours and curves of your beautiful bodies in mind, with colour grading that accentuates and minimises where most desired.​


Each garment has more than one purpose, meaning you can hop from one activity to the other without bringing your entire gym bag with you.

Five League Collective garments make up this first range of sportswear apparel.

Creating the perfect gift for any female swimmer, runner, cyclists or yogi that you have in your life, League Collective represents that sentimental feeling towards that special one – Why not buy something for them that reflects it?

Each garment we make aims to be as functional and multipurpose as it can possibly be in the field of activity it is being used.

By doing this, we ultimately want to reduce the amount of landfill through lessening the need to buy and re-buy clothing for different purposes or when they break.

At League Collective, the desire in our hearts is so strong that there isn’t really another option other than succeeding in our goal to help build a more sustainable fashion industry. There is purpose in every action that we take. As much purpose we see and understand in you when you step out to win that race, that fight, that competition. It’s all or nothing. No one tentatively makes it to the olympics. They strived to be at the top of their game, and we intend to do the same.

We need all the help and passion driven support that we can get. We believe there are many of you out there who have the same beliefs, that something needs to change. So lets make it happen!!

Visit our shop to get your hands on the clothes and join our movement!

Our time is now.