It’s been a while since we last posted something… So, in the cooling relish style of Frank Ocean, we thought we’d shake London and its surrounding suburbia with an EPIC comeback.

Over the coming weeks, we are incredibly excited to bring you a step-by-step guide in helping you conquer whatever it is you strive to do!

We will cover in depth; the power and science behind the many components that make up the qualities of a champion. Whether it be in sport, business, art, or making a living out of your passion – explained in these next few blog posts are the components that set the winners apart from the mediocre, the strugglers and the triers. Excited yet?!

With inspiration drawn from George Zalucki, Bruce Lipton, and Wayne Dyer to name a few – some of the most widely praised and critically acclaimed experts in the field of psychology and motivational thinking in the world today – we compiled, explained and elaborated on key points and theories that we believe make up the components of a champion…

Narrowed down and explained, in these next few articles of thought, you will have an itinerary to follow and look back on whenever you feel discouraged with what you are trying to achieve, whatever that might be!

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Each week, we will cover a different topic, giving you time to test and practice each section, and work out for yourself how to harness these secrets and use them to succeed in daily life. Below is the outline of the internal tools we will be covering.

  • Vision
  • Desire
  • Surrendering to purpose
  • The importance of self image
  • Goal setting
  • Mind power
  • Emotions
  • Commitment
  • Persistence
  • Enthusiasm!
  • Managing time

And how to use each process to its fullest potential, so that you really are achieving those things you always dreamed of!

Some of these points you may look at and think, “yeah I’m actually fine; My self image is on point, my goals are golden, and I’m downright committed”but for some reason, what you are aiming for is just out of reach… sound familiar?

Okay then! let’s get started.

Firstly. What is your driving force?


To move forwards in life, we need vision. If people lack vision they have no direction in which to channel their desire. What are you working towards? When we have no vision we tend to find ourselves building the visions and dreams of others whilst pushing our own to one side.
When we talk about vision, we mean looking into the future – near or far – and seeing ourselves achieving, doing or being something that we want.
Many people think vision is the be and end all factor of your whole life purpose – a journey toward the unattainable desires of life. This may be a good way to look at it from a motivational perspective, however if your vision is always in the future or out of reach then in that sense, what you will be reaching first is ultimately death… No? Maybe something needs to change. We want you to LIVE your vision – not chase it! There doesn’t always necessarily have to be a journey to your vision if you are strong-willed enough.

We’re talking about visions, dreams, and ideas so big they shake your bones with fear and excitement. The dreams so big you daren’t tell even your closest friends for fear of being laughed at. Those crazy ideas that actually are possible if you put in the time, effort, passion, and many other mental aspects, to help drive your dream forward.

Many people have vision and dreams in life and then subconsciously set their marker for achieving just below what they actually wanted because of many reasons explained and re-evaluated over the next few weeks.
It becomes easy in this day and age to lose your own vision, whilst everyone else’s is broadcasted so beautifully across social media. We aim to help you re-identify those visions or dreams forgotten, with a means to go about achieving them.

Your dreams really can happen in this lifetime! If you can see and feel yourself in that vision, not later down the line but now – to the point where you become familiar with the feelings, sights and smells of being where you want to be, you will be closer than ever to achieving your dreams and making that vision your reality.

So what do we need to drive this vision forward?


Do you have the desire to achieve your goal?

Desire is more than wanting something. When people say ‘burning desire’, they mean they absolutely must do, acquire or achieve that thing. That they are so compelled to do it that all distractions that come with it, fade to the periphery of the vision they are chasing. Anything less than desire isn’t really going to cut it.

When you’re tentative, you have no power. Did 24-year-old British track and road cyclist Laura Trott meander her way to winning four gold medals at the Rio olympics? No. We think she had a burning desire so strong that it was the only thing she was focusing on. On rainy days, bad days, emotional days, stressful days, do you think she took a day off training because she ‘didn’t feel like it’? We think not.

How can we utilise desire in a way that helps us achieve what we want instead of just longing for something always out of reach?

The first component is sense of purpose.

  • Realise that when you have a vision or dream strong enough, that desire to achieve whatever it is that you are aiming for is now your purpose. Your life purpose, your only purpose, your current purpose – Whatever way you need to think about it to get it into your brain in a way that makes you really need to achieve it. It is the driving force behind everything you do.

The second component is surrender.

  • Surrender to your purpose to get rid of your obstacles. Sounds a bit mad right? How is surrendering going to make all the obstacles in the way disappear?

“Surely there will be more because I have given up?” Not quite…


  • Surrender to your purpose and everything that comes with it. Accept that there will be difficulties, trials and errors, days of despair, set-backs and feelings of absolute defeat. And do it anyway.
  • By accepting and surrendering to your purpose and all the obstacles along the way, you are confirming to your brain that, whatever you feel towards this goal is more worthwhile than any obstacle.
  • With every great feat in life, comes many obstacles. The bigger the feat, the more obstacles you will have. Accepting them as part of your journey lets your brain know that having these feelings is OK. So, instead of going into panic mode, you can carry on working towards that vision!

In other words: When you surrender, you are now in agreement with your obstacles, you tell your mind that you are including them.

When you see set-backs and hardships as obstacles, you are distancing your mind from the final thing you want to achieve. As soon as you accept them as part of your goal, the distance is shortened! Make sense..?

The steps to make it happen

In this post, we have covered:

  • Vision. Your vision is your dream. Write down your craziest, scariest dream or vision on a piece of paper, or many pieces of paper, and put them in all your back pockets (maybe laminate them).

We want you to get familiar with thinking about and seeing this dream in your mind on a regular basis, so the thought has potential to become a habit (we’ll come to this point later…).

  • Desire. Understand that your desire to achieve said goal has to be ‘white hot’ – so strong it can cut through any obstacle.

Connect with what drives you to achieve you vision or why. Remind yourself of the want, the need and that life purpose you have set out to achieve. Keep reading, seeing and feeling that vision!

  • Surrender. Understand that obstacles will always arise with any vision worth achieving in life. Accept them, and understand that by including them as part of your journey to success, you are already ahead of all the people who didn’t bother because they deemed the obstacles too hard and not part of the road to success. You have in-fact shortened your journey to your vision.

Lets combine it all:

Achieving your vision, is to surrender to a purpose because the vision is larger than you or ‘I’ individually, and that, is desire. So, whatever struggles you are having that day, really don’t add up to a fraction of what you would feel if you actually achieved what you were aiming for.
So, write it down. Read it; See it and believe it, on a daily basis

Our time is now.

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