Over the weekend we met with the lady of the moment in London; Toto, a biker who is hot on the scene, starting out in road racing and other competitive cycling.

Currently training with the Regent’s Park Rouleurs in Regent’s Park, London (one of the most cycled sections of road in the the world…probably because of this lot!) – Toto explains what keeps her pedalling, and how reaching the level of competition that she wants to be at, is more than just getting the miles in….

We learn how tough she really is.. and find out how she is where she is today because of it.

Currently focusing on Fixed gear Crits, or the Red Hook Crit – which, for those of you who don’t know, means circuit racing on a fixed gear, brakeless, bike. A sport set up by a man named David Trimble, who ”having a foot in traditional road bike racing and the other in unsanctioned urban alleycat races (you need to youtube this. It’s madness!) wanted to create a competition that would combine the physical intensity of road races with the amazing rivalries and spirit from the urban cycling scene”.

If Toto was a battery brand, it would probably have to be shut down for claims of leaking out energy to slightly less motivated batteries. Even after spending half an hour with her, you leave feeling refreshed and ready to prove something to yourself, or anyone! There is this element of

‘never give up’ seeping out her RPR Lycra kit that can’t be bottled, however, she is definitely channelling it.

“I am training for road crits and road races, I have only done 1 road race so far and I am planning on doing a lot more come winter, including the track league at the velodrome now that I have my racing licence.”

She is planning on doing it all. And no doubt she will!

Toto is new to biking as a competitive sport, but the ambition and determination is definitely there.

You don’t often hear many people say they’re good at something…Even when they’re really good – they shy away from praising themselves in public. Toto however, speaks otherwise, and it’s a damn good thing to here. Oozing personality and confidence, this girl has biked her way fearlessly towards road racing, with all her tattoo hidden scars to prove it.

“I damaged my knee riding track bikes on the road, so have had to reduce the amount of times I ride them, making me focus more on my road bike…and I have fallen in love”

After taking a break (which in her words means covering over 200 miles a week, which she fits around a 9-6 job) she is making a come back to fixed gear crits but more specifically concentrating on road racing.

If there’s one thing we learnt from Toto, it’s that stopping isn’t really an option, there is a lot of heed to be taken in that. If the bike stops, you fall over, so we all better keep pedalling!

She explains how its never easy. Whether you are Marianne Vos or Jessica Ennis, … we all have the same struggle, its just how you go about it, and with how much energy and persistence.

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