Who are you racing? Why do you always go a step further? What’s your story…

We are for the people who are swimming in sweat but carry on regardless of the burning in their muscles. The music kicks in and the beat fuels your desire to go on…

We are for the people who hit that wall, but something, just something – a person, a place, an idea… something you once loved or laughed about – cracks a smile through your rosy cheeks and slices through that fleeting thought that you might ever stop…

We are for the people who crash so hard their grazes turn to stone and the tarmac absorbs the passion flowing from their veins, but we get straight back on the bike because there’s no time for pain with such an expansive world of opportunities to experience.

We are for the people who don’t just fight to their limit, but question it altogether. ‘Why should I stop?’

The race is real, so we endure it as best we can, whilst deciding not to leave a trail of drama and detritus in our wake, but instead leave a story, one that carries you with it – like the clothes on our back that get us through thick and thin.

We are the pursuers, the risk takers, the limit breakers, the innovators and freedom makers.

What sets us apart from you? Nothing. But how?

Because we are all the same.

We aren’t better, or greater, or prettier or brighter. We just take action.

When you take action, you have no choice but to leap fully into that notion of thinking on the spot. Instinct kicks in. So what do we do?

Panic and freak out? Or take a breath and experience the leap of faith that we’ve taken upon ourselves to live to laugh to fear to love… to LIVE!

‘How can I scare myself today? For what purpose? Why do I do it?’

Tell us your own experience.; Who you are, the passion that drives you and why. Message us in the comment box below, or email [email protected] with a chance to be interviewed on the next post and win an entire League Collective outfit! Who knows… You could even become an LC ambassador…

We want to know why you don’t stop. Our time is now.