What is freedom?

  • Freedom is a mindset. When you feel free, fear becomes your adrenaline that powers your life, and opportunity is in everything.
  • Freedom is a feeling you can decide to have or not.
  • Freedom inspires change, daily.

Freedom and change come hand in hand. However, change imparts fear into thought of what the future may hold if we take a leap of faith that ‘we aren’t ready for’, so we stick. Nothing changes, and there is no freedom. ‘And well, thats just life isn’t it’ right…?


Creating freedom in your life normally starts by thinking the way forward is; ‘get rid of stuff in attic, clear out clutter in my office, get out of dead end relationship, and quit my boring job’…Some things are easier said than done, and does it really make you feel free?

Ask yourself, honestly; ‘If I am able to make my dream a reality, why isn’t it already? And if it isn’t my reality, what do I need to change?…’

When you really desire that freedom, you know that these small things just wont actually do it…It’s time to actually scare yourself shitless for your dreams to become a reality.

Freedom, is sometimes about pushing yourself to those limits that you daren’t normally go… Whether it be an extra kilometre out running, swimming until you’re so far out to sea that all you can hear is the lapping of water in your ears… Maybe for you it’s making that call, or going for that interview that you’ve been putting off for fear of not being good enough. Whatever it is, when we think about doing these things, the question we ask ourselves is why?

Why do we spend so much time trying to scare ourselves?

The answer?

It’s not for the fear, or even the approval of others. When it comes down to that final push when you realise you’ve actually just done the thing that terrified you most, the feeling that happens – that euphoria you don’t experience from anything else, that smile that beams out of your face, whilst internally, the adrenaline ceases, the world stops, you are suddenly good enough, and your mind is only saying one thing… “I did this, I’ve got this, and I am free!”

Creating freedom, sometimes means facing those fears, making big changes, or just doing those things that we love writing down on all those lists so much!

Self belief is the thing that bridges the gap between the innovators and the crowd…

At League Collective, we are firm believers in change and self belief. Change is constantly happening in the world around us, and if we stand still, detaching ourselves from the flow of life, we become like stagnant water as our energy dies, and dreams fade as fear prevails.

Change doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, change is incredibly simple. The simpler you make it, the easier it becomes to access and accept all the freedom flowing into the aether around you.

So how do you create freedom in your daily life?

Freedom is a thought, a concept, an idea, designed entirely by you.

Action and self belief are the things that will make it happen.

Make changes that suit you better.

Do something every day that scares you.

We hope this helps! Have an awesome day…

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