League Collective. A collection of leagues? A collection of leaves? – Leaf Collection!… no? Maybe.

As Europe divides and everything seems like it’s falling apart, we’ve decided it might be time to work on bringing things back together… Creating a collective of our own that has no boundaries, and instead, breaks them down.

Like the love in our hearts we have for one another, that simplicity in feeling is all around us. In the air, on the ground we walk on, and every element you come across.

We want to make sure this simplicity is accessible in your daily life. So that; leaving work doesn’t leave you umming and arring about whether to jump on the bus or run home, but instead, gives you the options! “Hmmm, shall I bike, or run? Ooh, maybe i’ll pop past the pool… Orr! I could do yoga and then cycling home!”

The reason behind the name, stems from the ethos and brand beliefs that this activewear apparel is built on and portrays from one item to the next. To show that, by creating multifunctional items, there is no limit to what you can do, or how much you could fit into 24 hours. By bringing everything together, we intend to make life simpler. To give you more choice but with less hassle.

How much more would you achieve if you got rid of all those minor distractions? How much more would you achieve if you actually did it?

You would be in a league of your own, thats for sure.

A collection of energy and opportunity is what we want to inspire. And that is exactly, what League Collective aims to do.

Stay tuned to find out how!

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We are better together. Our time is now…