Who are we? What are we? And why…

If you know and live the city streets of London as well as we do, then you’ll know that having the right biking gear, plus other clothing items shoved in your rucksack the night before – no matter how trivial it might seem – is key to getting you from bed to work in under 9.8 minutes – in the most hassle free way…

As another Activewear brand adds itself to the abyss of lycra and mesh epidemic, already circling London in every colour imaginable, our aim we decided, is to be a little different…

League Collective is a Sportswear brand which incorporates high-tech fabric properties and stitching technology that aim to reduce the amount of landfill caused by fast fashion, by joining functionality and durability with multipurpose.

Our generation is so aware of the world we live in. More and more people are realising that the way we are consuming is not sustainable and want to make a change… This being said, other than separating our bins, we’re pretty much clueless about how to go about caring for our environment.


At League Collective, we aim to offer a more sustainable option for the bikers, runners, swimmers and yogi’s who are constantly on the go.

But lets face it. No matter how eco-friendly it is, – If it doesn’t look good, you wont be seen dead in it. No matter how much yoga we do, we still care about our self image. Trust me, we pretty much live in our Yoga leggings! – And yes, we have favourite ones that we prefer to be seen wearing in public…

League Collective garments – as well as being supportive and stylish through the fabric and stitching technology (which give it a much longer life span than the average pair of leggings) – are designed with the contours and curves of your beautiful bodies in mind, with colour grading that accentuates and minimises where most desired.

Having an active lifestyle, really does set us apart from the normal weekly wash cycle folk, who manage to organise washing pretty much everything in bulk once every two weeks. We really are in a different league…

With Lycra flying left right and centre, your room increases in potency as the shorts from last nights hit-training, and the sports bra you wore in hot yoga the morning before begins to merge with the sobbing wet towel its wrapped in.

League Collective garments are also antibacterial making them odour resistant, plus moisture wicking, with the aim of making your wash cycle a lot easier, giving you the ability to wash them at a much lower temperature, making the amount of times you have to wash your clothes less harmful to the environment.

We aren’t stating that you will be able to wear your sweaty activewear for a marathon and suggesting you slink back into it the next day for some yoga… But it may be a possibility

Why would we slink back into the same sweaty outfit? you might say. Well you probably wouldn’t… However, we have given you the option anyway!

As well as the functionality and durability of the item designed, we have also made all of them multipurpose, so that you really can jump from one activity to the other without having to slip into changing rooms or public toilets every time your day takes a change of tack.

League Collective is currently a collection of four items. Four items that are designed with across the board, multipurpose functionality, meaning you can hop from yoga, to your bike into the pool before running home, without carrying around a bag of smelly sweaty clothes.

Sounds like the perfect day out to us!

If you like the sound what what we aim to achieve, stay tuned! We would also love to hear your feedback.

Next week we will be posting an exclusive look-book preview with the chance to pre-order! So make sure you fill out the form via the League Collective homepage to be the first to get your hands on the clothes!