When you combine things they become strong. They last longer, and over time, gain sentimental value. When you create a friendship, you have people to rely on. And when friendships become community… that’s when things begin to change.

League Collective Sportswear is Comfortable, practical, wicking and antibacterial, for the versatile and capable urban athlete.

Our customers are modern, urban women, committed to their diverse and active lifestyles. We understand the complications and complexities of trying to fit activity around busy and high powered schedules.

There has been a huge cry out for high tech and fashionable sportswear for women with across the board functionality, making the transition from running, yoga, cycling and swimming, a graceful one.​..

Enter League Collective.

We aim to inspire, create, and involve our customers. Help them understand, that together, we are the process that shapes and creates our surrounding environment and the world we rely on, yet so often take for granted.